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The Funded Project in Arcadia and Sheridan Indiana

The Funded Project - 2/2/2021 episode !

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Rick will make you laugh in this episode.
Episode 6 Funded Project

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Check out this cool video! Yes, we know it is labeled No B.S.

Why is that, you ask? When we started reaching out to some folks, they thought there would be a gimmick. We actually taped an episode before this one but lost the footage in editing, so we are going to see them next week, so there will be two of these on the week of the 25th of January. Use the contact us section in the site tabs to contact us if you know of a small business that is "fighting the good fight" to keep serving the community, we would love to do this nationwide! Watch the seven minute video below.

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We will be working with several folks to produce a deals page with incite on products we recommend, details coming!  

Episode 5 taping of the Funded Project

UPDATE 1/13/2021 - we are still working on this episode- and will be worth the wait! We had some setbacks with getting everyone together and this episode should come soon!

This episode will be near and dear to many people. We spotlight a business that had struggled and almost caused the owner to lose everything and how he is coming back. The pandemic has caused many issues for businesses, but what happened to this business owner will shock you. The business owner was scammed out of $5,000.00 dollars on a job he completed and the offending party took off! Watch as we help this business become whole and we confront the offending party live- only on The Funded Project. 

Spring 2021 tour.

6 counties, 6 weekends, each show will be over 200 vendors and outdoors. Details coming soon on our schedule as we build the path to bring customers to small businesses all across Indiana. Stay tuned in here, and on Facebook for announcements. 

Did you see the news? Metro is on a roll!

We stopped by and talked to Rick and the team at Metromedia Funding Solutions and seen a lot going on this week! Wilson's Farm Market has a web store, and not a moment too soon. Home Evolution Services Matt McFarland got introduced to 2 new prospects this week that came off Rick's Facebook presence. Handmade Treasures also got a brand-new web store, and Metromedia funded a full-on animation studio. They have hired another developer in-house, and Home Evolution Services and Wilson's Farm market have the first finished video each! They lined up a factoring approval for a construction company called MET construction for an undisclosed amount. They funded a growth program in which this commercial construction company is bringing a residential side to Indianapolis. They lined them up with an approved vendor status to offer to finance to their customers. Expect to learn more about them here at Circle City Magazine. Developers are working on several things, including a forthcoming online building supply store that operates like Uber and a Jamaican restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have attached links to learn more and see the work in progress here under this article.

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Spotlight on Indiana Business 

Article written by Circle City Magazine writers 10/23/2020

Businesses have to survive, and these guys found a way!

      How many times has it happened that you wanted to buy something and did not have the money? The story started in August in Anderson. There was a group of folks that work in all areas of finance that were having a meeting about how there have been so many credit card companies closing accounts that it was causing issues for smaller businesses to keep going. Someone had mentioned, what happens if they had the chance to offer financing? There was some bickering back and forth about how the idea was great, but how?  The program of having a financing option available for the consumer has been around for a long time in the appliance store and medical field as we all know. An Indiana based developer and a consumer financing clearinghouse started thinking about this and decided they needed to do something about it.

"This could save some businesses, and not only save them but help them grow"

They started working on setting up the platform and many sleepless nights later, they got it perfect.  "The lenders that responded and were banging on the door to participate was mind blowing " mentions Damion, one of the developers. A few test runs later, the platform was alive. With over 600 security mechanisms in the applicant interface, the head of intellect security at the 3rd party site review service provider mentioned the site shows as secure as any standard bank website for the applicant. Some of the names inside the system that was named Metro-Flex are fortune 500 lending institutions. The developers working on the Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC side said the response from the businesses taking advantage of it are all the same, they are all growing at three times the size they were a month ago using the service. "This could save some businesses and not only save them but help them grow" was the response from Jimmy, one of the Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC agents involved in the program who was coined the task of working with all of the contractors out there who needed it.     

"What do we call it?"

"Not a damn clue" CEO of Metromedia Funding Solutions said to the question as he was sitting there with his staff whom all asked the question "what do we call it" and at the time of this interview they still don't know what to call it. They know that overall, the service provides a particular service for any business that sells a product or provides a service to a consumer that costs more than $300.00 and that service is to finance their customers so they can continue with the product or service they are providing to that consumer. After about the 10th call one late September morning from various business owners asking the same question " can you fund my customer" the service adopted its name. Fund Your Customer " That's it, the name explains what it does and I don't think we can explain it better than that" Admin Mike said it was like a high beam headlight when the idea came to his head, within 24 hours Metromedia Funding Solutions bought the domain rights to fundmycustomer.com

What a journey- Wow 

"What a journey, wow," Mentions one of the administrative assistants inside Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC, Dani, who has watched her office explode with traffic and inquiries about setting up a finance option for their customers because there is such a need right now. Many of the business owners contacted about this service were business owners out there looking for funding. One business owner said that Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC was the only company in the funding space living up to the solutions part in their name. The business owner, an Ohio business owner, has been working with Metromedia Funding Solutions agents for several years. The service can be found at www,fundmycustomer.com and is live and active.

Because the program is geared towards small and medium sized businesses, the set up is easy and cheap. We discovered that some companies with programs like fund my customer are geared towards multi-location big-box retail outfits. We also found that many of them charge upwards of $10,000.00 to set up a service like this, and the fundmycustomer.com service inside Metromedia Funding Solutions does not have an origination set cost. The only price the business owner will have to pay to set it up is the cost of setting up a co-branded landing page that meets the applicant's security guidelines for a program like this. We discovered that the fundmycustomer.com service provider is only charging a mere $240.00 set cost. "We did not want to charge anything like that; this program was designed to put a small business on an even playing field with cooperating America," mentions one of the developers inside Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC. We asked if there is a monthly cost and found there is, but it is waved as long as you are using the program. When asked about that, the company mentioned they set the maintenance on dormant accounts to $15.00 bucks a week. When they were asked why they do that, one of the developers said regardless if they use it or not, the security for their landing page has to remain totally up to date. We also discovered a business to business financing service inside the platform that has no cost to it because funding for that was gifted to them from an unnamed source. The fundmycustomer.com program works off a small percentage of the sale from 1% to 3.9% of the funded amount to the consumer goes back into the fundmycustomer.com program, so like many financing options available in public, the consumer would absorb the cost and not the business providing the financing source. The program is enrolling businesses all across the country and based here in Indianapolis and expects to have 50,000 participating companies by spring of 2021

Here is their video!

Circle City Magazine - Spotlight on Indiana Business 

 COVID v.s. Indiana Business- spotlight on Books and Brews

One Hoosier shares her story on how COVID-19 and riots impacted their  business. Watch it here! Many businesses in Indiana and across the country have experienced a drop in revenue and the government programs are not enough to survive.  We spotlight this business and encourage you to visit.

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