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Starts With The Young.
A view written by Daniela Powers - Staff Writer- Circle City Magazine
June 1st, 2020

Following the aftermath of this past weekend with all the protests, destruction, and

devastation. Seeing all the pictures, reading all the news reports and watching different videos from all

points of views on why this past weekend happened has me feeling emotional for everyone that was

involved. The point for the protests were to bring awareness to our country.

However, many protests turned out quite differently than people had anticipated. Riots broke

out, businesses were burned down, innocent people were hurt and killed, cities destroyed. So much

hate was shown toward each other no matter what your skin color is. Families are suffering because

they mourn those that they have lost. Friends turned on each other for differences of opinions.

Businesses that were family owned and operated lost everything including the source that provided for

their families. We are supposed to be there to help one another not destroy each other.

This is OUR COUNTRY! We are supposed to take care of her and to clean her up, not the

opposite. It is so sad to watch her being torn apart. History is not supposed to repeat itself. We as the

human race is supposed to do better by making positive history. We need to show one another love

and support. How can this be done when we are always putting each other down rather than rising

them up? Take pride and responsibility in your actions. Own up to your faults and rise above them.

Revel in your successes and make your community better.

Today, I witnessed a mother telling her son when she dropped him off at daycare that she loved

him and he needs to let his friends know that he loves them as well. I had tears in my eyes when I heard

this. I told her way to go Mom. She said with all the hate being shown lately she wants her child to

know that everyone can be loved like he is loved. I have cold chills just thinking about that statement. I

tell my children the same thing. It is okay to have differences of opinions. It is okay to agree to disagree, but

NEVER in a million years is it okay to harm another individual. We are human and at times we do hurt

others with how our words are expressed but it is never and I mean never okay to physically hurt someone

just because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or beliefs.

Feel Free to reach out to Daniela Powers by Email at Dani@circlecitymagazine.net