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"Don't Give Up" An interview with Robert Glaspy 

Mr. Robert Glaspy Jr. is a longtime friend of mine who is an Indiana native and graduate

of North Central High School. He grew up as I did, a kid of the 1980s and ’90s. Robert and I

were surrounded by a diverse group of classmates who came from different backgrounds, both

socially and economically. Robert, after school, like many of us joined the workforce. He

went into sales and then saw his calling before him. He was bound to become a public servant,

starting as a police officer.

In time, Robert decided for a change in his life and moved away from Indianapolis, but

still took that Hoosier mentality with him in his ventures. He now resides in Connecticut but

remains true to his Midwestern roots. He is still in public service, working as a Tech in an ER at

a hospital near him. Robert has taken upon himself to work for his fellow man and is trying to

get a bill passed to help with the many stresses of public service life. He wants people in the field

such as EMT’s, to be recognized like police officers for having to deal with issues such as PTSD.

He goes to his state capital and talks with the powers that be so that people like himself can be

heard along with being recognized for their hard work. Mind you; he does this all voluntarily.

Robert is a man of a multicultural family, as are his children. He has dealt with many

issues involving what that brings along with it. Throughout his life, the main thing he has said is,

“DO NOT GIVE UP.” Life is hard, and it is meant to be that way, but we can make it easier with

excellent communication and understanding. So if you would, please take the time

and listen to the following interview between two friends. Mr. Robert Glaspy Jr. and myself

James T. Powers, Sr.

6/1/2020 Coverage by Rick- Wal-Mart in Anderson shuts down suddenly 

6/1/2020 Written by staff writer Richard M.
News/Editorial - Archived 6/23/2020

Many shoppers were rushed out of the Walmart on Scatterfield road Sunday evening. Many had not known what was going on. Shoppers have turned away from the door a little before 6:00 PM. Frustrated shoppers returned to their automobiles empty-handed and attempted shopping elsewhere. Many found out that other stores also closed their doors early. The reason? Someone posted on Instagram about looting the Walmart and told parties to "Bring a book bag, and dress in all black." As many of us know, there have been looters all across our country. According to WZTV Nashville, TN, the rioters even set fire to the courthouse. Indianapolis and other cities have seen deaths and significant turmoil between citizens and police. In Anderson, protesters had a civilized march in downtown on Saturday evening. Officials are saying the protests are one thing, but looting is another. A joint press release Sunday from Mayor Tom Broderick, Police Chief Jake Brown, and Assistant Chief Micheal Lee said that, after darkness fell, some protesters near Madison Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard broke at least one car window and hurled obscenities and water bottles at officers and squad cars. Business owners across Madison county and Anderson are fearful of their businesses, many have suffered significant losses over Covid-19 shutdowns and are just back to work. They are hanging on by a thread and are scared that another issue could cause more businesses to leave Anderson. With unemployment skyrocketing to 19%, tempers are flaring. Folks have to remember how you fix government by voting the parties that keep the same out of office. The destruction of someone's business or property will not bring anyone back and will not make things better. The effect is a plethora of bad dispensed on parties that had nothing to do with what happened in Minnesota. Police brutality occurs among all races, unfortunately. The only way to change it is to screen better and make sure they don't forget the serve part in the serve and protect the oath they take. Nothing that the looters out there are doing will bring anyone back. We call for peace in our communities because these business owners and everyone else has been through enough in 2020 already.

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