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Circle City Magazine

Supporters of The Funded Project  - Indianapolis IN     

Determined to build an Empire for the Hoosier State

     When we met Jim you can tell there is an ore of excitement that surrounds him. One may think, it is just transportation and shipping, to him it is much more. When you love what you do, you really are not working, it becomes a part of you and everything that you know, mentions owner Jim. A native of Indiana, he started in Indianapolis, expanded and moved to Washington state, and now is bringing the operation back home to the Hoosier state. He procured a major shipping contract and has opportunity for the right folks. The pandemic bought job loss to many truck drivers that are owner /operators but not Jim, in the midst of everything, he grew his business. 

Opportunity knocks.

The Washington operation was growing faster than he could dream of and like many business owners, Jim found himself in need of a business expansion loan, he hopped online like anyone else, and came across a unknown funding shop in New York City. The friendly voice on the other line promised him a loan if he did an advance, reluctantly he did it to find there was no golden loan at the end of the rainbow. The events almost wrecked his business. He started seeking help and met Moghadam at Metromedia who after countless hours found a way to get him back on track. 

It was like a turbo charged miracle grow wonder-solution.

Jim told reporters at Circle City Magazine that it was almost instant, the underwriter from Texas at the factor-view supported factoring company said it was like a "turbo charged miracle grow solution has found its way into the business" and in a few short months the business found its self doing three times the amount of business under a factoring /funding program that Moghadam had built. Moghadam had cleaned up the mess the New York shop left him in. We reached out to the shop in New York City that brokered him into an unsuspecting funder in also located in New York for an interview and was rejected.  

Onward and Upward 

Jim could not dwell on the past, with a new marriage and a growing business he had to move forward. He was homesick for Indiana and has family in the Hoosier state. He decided to open up the second location in Indiana and start the journey to get back home. He set arrangements for the Washington State location and started seeking contracts for Indiana. What he did not know is that he was going to land one of the largest local logistics contracts in the state. He went back to Metromedia Funding Solutions to find out how he was going to handle the new loads. 

Masterminds at work

When Jim showed up to the Metromedia Funding Solutions he had no clue how he was going to make this happen. Like many businesses, he put himself on the line to build his business. Close to loosing hope, Moghadam comes up with another solution. There are many owner operators with a truck but no route to run it. There are also owners with broken trucks and no help available to them, and he cannot subcontract any of the new contract. Metromedia reviewed everything possible and found the solution, there is nothing saying he cannot buy out owner operators and also employ them in the process. Metromedia Funding Solutions cane up with a way for idle owner operators to get back on the road. 

Owner- Operators and small moving companies have opportunity 

With only four slots left, the company positioned its self, the company is now in position to take over payments on three more 26 foot box trucks and one more 16 foot box truck, so the smaller owner operators still have an opportunity. How it works is the parties go under contract for Jim to buy the truck and take over the payments but, allows the owner to still drive the truck and make money. Jim shows us there is ample work to allow them to not only work, but work full time with benefits and even overtime.    

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Written by staff reporter Devon learn more about this business by contacting support@circlecitymagazine.net if you want to get involved.