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Circle City Magazine

Supporters of The Funded Project  - Indianapolis IN     

TCL 4k resolution 43 in TV.

Staff reporters at Circle City Magazine report back that this is a decent TV for the cost. All of the apps are pre- installed and if you have ROKU it will work well with communicating with your other devices and your ROKU account. The first generations (they were the 720P's) seemed to have issues with the screen going dark and acting up, We are happy to report that this 4K edition has had no issues to date, and our editor, Rick has several of these in service. 

Circle city graded 8 out of 10.

The grade was assessed - the use of functionality and value is excellent, but is an 8 not a 10. The reason is the remote is a bit small and can fall between the couch cushions often. The legs - that come with this TV are mounted on both sides of the TV do if you are not mounting it be prepared to have to set this TV up on a good sized cabinet.

Deals - who has them?

We found the same set at Walmart - but it was a 1080 DPI that was priced at the same price as a 4K at Amazon so you would want to watch where you get them. The 4K version was not advertised or on display at the Walmart (w. 86th st) at the time we wrote this so, Amazon wins this deal and the link is shown below. 

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